Compulsion: Where Object Meets Anxiety
I'm passionate about inclusive design. This essay explains why.

You’ll Never Guess the Amazing Ways Online Design Writing and Criticism Has Changed
Over the past decade, online design writing has gone from a nascent activity on Internet forums to a big business. What have we lost? What have we gained?

How to Take Criticism
From a talk I gave to the employees of Vine (RIP) on July 7, 2016 in New York City.

If You Are Writing an Essay or a Thesis
I often talk with writers and students who are struggling with their work. Here's my advice.

How the Hairnet Changed American Business
I found an odd item at a flea market. I took it to the library and uncovered a story of an entrepreneur, an empire, and a bizarre string of crimes.

Redesigning Darkness: How Humans Shaped Light
There are few stories more fascinating than the enduring relationship between people and light. I spoke with lighting designer Linnea Tillett about our search for psychological well-being through light. 

Can Designers Save the World Without Creating More Stuff?
The future of design is not replacing plastic bags with totes. The future of design is changing the system.

Meet An Artist Who’s Mastered the Art of Calligraphy
A portrait on Luca Barcellona, one of the world's most famous calligraphers.

How “The Croods” Builds On A Century of Caveman Stereotypes
A look at how the caveman is portrayed across a century of animation.


Design for People
I worked with Scott Stowell to create this oral history of his studio's work. To uncover the stories behind each project, I conducted and edited hundreds of interviews with designers, clients, craftspeople, and most importantly, end users.

We Build the City: New York City's Design and Construction Excellence Program
I worked with a small team to write, edit and manage this compendium of New York City's public building projects since 1996.