Design for People

I worked with designer Scott Stowell to execute this oral history of his studio’s work. According to publisher Metropolis Books: “Most design books focus on outcome rather than on process. Scott Stowell’s Design for People is groundbreaking in its approach to design literature…the volume offers a sort of oral history as told by those involved with each project–designers, clients, interns, collaborators and those who interact with the finished product on a daily basis.” Read more


NYC Department
of Design and Construction


As a Public Information Specialist, I worked with a team to oversee all print and digital communication at this city government agency. I also led the relaunch of the agency website. All content was reviewed and updated with clarity in mind, a priority mandated by City Hall. Read more


At the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), I also provided writing and editing for various in-house publications. Every publication requires a different work flow, and is often performed under tight deadlines. Read more


DDC hires numerous contractors to help build New York City's public buildings and infrastructure. To work for DDC, contractors must submit RFP and RFQ documents. Access to DDC's RFPs and RFQs can be found through a web application built by our IT team. I worked with IT to rewrite the copy for these pages, and untangle a very confusing, yet important process. Read more

Museum of Modern Art Store

With a small team, I helped reestablish the brand voice for the MoMA Store through communicating deeper design stories of the Museum’s collection. This project required a vast amount of design research and descriptive copy. A workflow was established between myself and a project manager where we edited and exchanged documents over the course of nearly three months.


Etsy Weddings

Weddings are one of the most popular topics on the Etsy Blog. In an experimental move, Etsy's editorial team decided to create a weddings-specific channel. I was invited back to Etsy to get this channel ready for launch. I transferred content into the new CMS, edited incoming contributions, and worked with the design team to troubleshoot front-end issues. Read more


While working at Razorfish, I assisted a team overseeing the redevelopment of Uniqlo's online store. I worked on numerous editorial tasks, from revising Japanese-to-English copy, to brainstorming content for an online editorial channel.


Design in the News

In conjunction with Good magazine, I developed this column that took a design angle on a major news event of the week. Topics I wrote about included Myanmar’s political election logos, marketing materials for the Iron Dome, the design of campaign buses, and more. Read more


Design Twitter Round Up

Every Tuesday at 11 AM, I tweet a list of the top nine design-related things I found on the Internet during the previous week. Here's an example. The serialized, steady format has given way to a group of loyal fans—since starting the Round Up, I've consistently received more than a 50% open rate. Do you want to receive my Round Up to your inbox? Sign up here.



This Twitter account combines my love of classic cartoons and animated GIFs. I've been running this account since September 2015, and I‘m excited to grow its audience.