Department of Design and Construction Publications

I wrote and edited digital and print publications at this government agency. Every publication presented a new challenge for my team and demanded a different kind of workflow.

Guiding Principles, 2016
The Guiding Principles came to my team as a draft from another division within the Department of Design and Construction (DDC). This 138-page book offers suggestions on how architects and designers can align their work with DDC’s lenses of resiliency, equity, sustainability, and healthy living. I worked with three other editors to establish a workflow where all pages were fact checked and proofread for grammar and misspellings. We then worked with the senior designer in our Creative Services division to input all text.

We Build the City, 2013
This compendium highlights and celebrates the projects and initiatives of the Department of Design and Construction. It also honors the twelve years Mayor Bloomberg committed to architecture and design in New York City. Once we received the first draft of the book from a contracted writer, I worked with a small team to edit the manuscript. We also worked with photographers and architecture firms to acquire the best and latest photos of DDC’s projects. The most challenging aspect was fact checking; the book contains nearly 70 projects, each with large data sets that had to be reviewed and updated.

Diversity and Industry Relations, ongoing
DDC’s Office of Diversity and Industry Relations develops and implements policies to support minority and woman-owned business enterprises (MWBE), as well as strengthen relationships with industry partners. This division's constant outreach efforts require supporting print materials. I work with the Chief Officer to write and edit print materials for various events and initiatives. Once the text is complete and receives final review, I work with Creative Services to see that it’s designed and printed.

STEAM Initiatives, ongoing
DDC’s STEAM Initiatives staff bring architecture and engineering curriculum to New York City’s grade schools. I write and edit publications for this group as needed. Design and printing is provided by DDC's Creative Services division.


Services provided:
Writing and editing, project management

2013 - 2017